Big up the web 2.0 crew

Facebook_pic This is just a little post to say thank you to everyone who stalks follows us in cyberspace.

We've exceeded 500 members of our Facebook Group and 150 followers on Twitter. We're  chuffed. Thanks everyone.
We're doing less well on Myspace, where we have just the one friend, a lovely chap called Tom (who we're pretty sure, at least, is friends with us exclusively).

So, massed ranks of our social network, what more can we do for you online? What do you want us to Tweet about? Is there more content you'd like to see on Facebook? What do you want to read here on the blog? Should we even bother with Myspace? Wtf is Bebo? Existentialism abounds.

Answers via the 'comment' link below, or to @nabokovtheatre on Twitter. We shall oblige all most reasonable requests.

Ctrl, Alt, Delete.