Is Everyone Ok?

Here's the official lowdown on our new touring show, which we're taking to a whole load of festivals over the summer prior to an autumn tour of studio theatres. Drum roll please...

nabokov presents
by Joel Horwood
Directed by George Perrin // Developed with Lucy Kerbel

A dazzling tour-de-force blurring the boundaries between theatre and stand-up.


“I wasn’t always like this, I swear, I wasn’t like this. I used to have friends, I used to like them, I even used to like the job. In principle I loved it, helping organise air-freight. Its – it could be amazing…”

Daisy’s job’s on the line and whilst she can’t remember why she has it, she’s sure she can’t afford to lose it. Meanwhile Em’s about to become a self-elected single mother and Cameron doesn’t know what to do with these strange warm feelings that the office temp has infected him with…

IS EVERYONE OK? is a sixty-minute joyride for the lost and bewildered. Three people trying to work out if they’re doing okay or if everything’s gone to shit - people who can only connect from behind a microphone. Three stories about us, now, and how terrified we are.

A brand new theatrical experience for anyone who has ever hit 30 and asked themselves what they’re doing with their life, IS EVERYONE OKAY? defines a generation’s anger, fear and frustrations in a brutally honest combination of explosive stand-up comedy and stand-up tragedy.

A collaboration between Fringe First winning playwright Joel Horwood and internationally acclaimed new writing company nabokov.

Oh yes. IS EVERYONE OK? is already confirmed for numerous festivals including Pulse09, North Wall and of course the mighty Latitude with lots more dates to be announced right here on the blog in the coming weeks.