Present : Tense / Ten


8 February 2009 Southwark Playhouse


It's back for 2009, shaken-up and revitalised in a thrilling new guise.

Present : Tense returns to Southwark Playhouse on Sunday 8 February, still challenging the UK's top artistic talent to tackle the hottest topic of the moment in just seven days, only now with an added twist.

We're asking cross-disciplinary artists to collaborate. Picture playwrights paired with photographers and choroegraphers; composers matched with theatre directors and poets; film-makers working with illustrators and dancers. Individual talents melded in a multi-genre mash-up.

The artists braved the snow to meet last night in a pub in Soho to 'plough' (!) through the newsprint and after some debate they decided the most important news story of the moment was… Jobs Fury - We have a right to work in our own country as covered in the Daily Express. They now have just one week to create a response before their work is presented live next Sunday night.

Working together this time are teams:-

HAMISH PIRIE (director), TIM PRICE (playwright) & THE TIME CATS (comedy duo)

MAHLON PRINCE (poet), MELODY LAFFY (musician), OLLY JONES (director) & THE DAY DREAMER COMPANY (theatre company)

SARAH TIPPLE (devising theatre director)


And, there will be more collaborators joining the collectives as the week progresses and the work develops, so visit the PT Blog for daily updates from the artists themselves on their progress throughout the week.

Southwark Playhouse, Shipwright Yard, London, SE1 2TF. (Tube: London Bridge) Sunday 8 February 2009 - 8pm - £10 // Tickets: 0844 847 1656 (24 hours) or click here to Book Online Now