Welcome to 2009

Happy New Year! We hope you all enjoyed fabulous festivities and are returned to work fattened by the proverbial goose and laden with lavish gifts.

You'll be delighted to hear that during the long hiatus since we last posted we've had a marvellous time glugging port and playing Articulate in party hats. Well, some of us have. Others have been assiduously working over in snowy New York City where rehearsals for Terre Haute have entered the final week prior to our first preview next Tuesday.

Here's a photo to prove we've taken over the city:


Our New Year's Resolution is to post much more regularly to the nabokov blog, so please keep popping back and if we slip up, feel free to give us a prod.

Coming up this week lots more news from New York and a brand new Terre Haute video trailer...