"Stirs the soul" - The first review

BCcultureTerre Haute has received its first review Stateside from Jon Sobel on the Blog Critics website. And a resounding thumbs up it is too.

"A gripping story," says Sobol. "James, both horrified and turned on by the bomber, worms his clever, hyper-literate, slightly pathetic way into our hearts wisecrack by wisecrack...As the two characters clash, revealing themselves in all their hurt, some fundamental similarities assert themselves, unexpected alignments between the stooped, fey, oversexed literary gadfly and the ramrod-backed, under-educated, virginal military man. Harrison had been pushed over the edge when his demons of injustice became too personal. Now he helps push James over an edge as well - though James, unlike the terrorist, will live to bear witness to his own fall."

There's fullsome praise for Peter Eyre and Nick Westrate. "The play would be worth seeing just for Eyre's masterful portrayal of the witty, mordant writer coming rapidly to terms with his own mortality," Sobol writes, while Harrison is "played with explosive rigor by the excellent Nick Westrate."

Praise too for "the dark-Americana musical score by Heather Fenoughty [which] heightens the play's 'weird America' atmosphere at critical moments."

Sobol signs off by saying: "White succeeds in pulling the intellectual and emotional threads together. His tale of two men with hearts as big (for better or worse) as cities ultimately stirs the soul."

So that's good then. You can read the full review here.