"Heated with the fire of real drama" - The New York Times review

Nytlogo379x64They say it's the only one that really matters, so high fives all round this morning when The New York Times stamped its seal of approval on Terre Haute.

"Mr. White has captured the amusingly contrasted voices of the patrician novelist and the plebeian terrorist cannily and cogently," judged Charles Isherwood.

"As embodied with languid grace by the actor Peter Eyre...Brevoort is a preening literary lion with a mordant wit whose sense of morality is as precise and fastidious as his prose. Nick Westrate plays the Harrison character with a nice combination of stolid fervor and sullen reserve. Both performances are crisply enunciated and fundamentally persuasive."

He concludes: "Eventually the cordial, weirdly flirtatious conversations evolve into something heated with the fire of real drama. Brevoort’s cool fascination turns to revulsion when Harrison reveals the depth of his bigotry, the shallowness of his intellect and the sheer emptiness in his heart."

To accompany the review, the Times has created a superb Audio Slide Show, featuring a series of striking production shots by NY Times photographer Sara Krulwich accompanied by an audio recording of the opening scene of the play.

You can view it here (while we try and work out how to embed it in the blog).