Everyone We've Ever Worked With Ever - Playwrights

Yes, it's the latest in our thrilling series of lists detailing everything we've ever done, everyone we've ever done it with and everywhere we've ever done it.

Since we started nabokov back in 2001, we've produced new work by an incredible 62 playwrights, including some of the biggest names in the business and many of the most exciting new voices of our generation. The vast majority of these productions have been world premieres.

So, we're hugely proud to unveil the nabokov playwrights role call:

Bola Agbaje, Michael Andrews, Van Badham, Mike Bartlett, Helen Blakeman, Oleg Bogaev, Justin Butcher, Glyn Cannon, James Cawood, Marcus Condron, Sam Crane, Sarah Daggar-Nickson, April De Angelis, Joan Didion, David Dipper, John Donnelly, Katie Douglas, Dave Florez, Robin French, James Graham, Stacey Gregg, Jamie Harper, Matt Hartley, James Holmes, Joel Horwood, Guy Jones, Colette Kane, Fin Kennedy, Steve Keyworth, Dawn King, Lucy Kirkwood, Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, Duncan Macmillan, Patrick Marber, Michael McLean, Rhys McLelland, DC Moore, Tom Morton-Smith, Chloe Moss, Pip Nixon, Lois Norman, Lizzie Nunnery, Ben Ockrent, Gary Owen, Drew Paultz, Phil Porter, Tim Price, Adriano Shaplin, Al Smith, Gavin Stevenson, Tena Stivicic, Jack Thorne, Jennifer Tuckett, Rachel Wagstaff, Ché Walker, Jess Walters, David Watson, Edmund White, Joy Wilkinson, James Wilton, Alex Wood, Nicholas Wright.

Huge thanks to everyone above, and here's to the next 62.