The disappearing garage

Formely the garage

This was the slightly disconcerting sight that greeted us when we turned up at our store to pick up the Terre Haute set and freight it to the States in readiness for the New York production in January.

Yep, that's a makeshift car park.

Now, we were pretty sure we'd locked up seven years worth of sets, playscripts, programmes, posters, flyers and other such sundries in a garage on the precise spot where now stood a turquoise Ford Focus.

A few quizzical phone calls ascertained the council had raized our trusty garage to the ground. Presumably with all our stuff still in it. And evidently without mentioning it to us. Which was, erm, somewhat perturbing. Not least because we sort of needed the Terre Haute set to be on a boat crossing the Atlantic as opposed to - presumably - in a landfill site somewhere.