Get Small Changed in Cambridge

Small changeIf you're at a loose end tonight, head to Cambridge to catch two critically acclaimed shows from Small Change.

The retrospective double-bill from one of our favourite companies is at The Junction for one night only at 8pm with tickets just £5. 

Making The Difference started off at shorts way back in the mists of 2005 and went on to harvest praise at The Edinburgh Festival and on tour. It’s a mixture of army recruitment lecture, personal development seminar and a weird kind of party. With balloons.

Making up the double bill is Long Wave - Small Change's first show which won a Company Award for Innovation at NSDF 2002 and subsequently performed at venues including Birmingham Rep and BAC. It’s a dark and comic exploration of the desperate attempt of three performers to piece themselves and the world around them together in a sort of cabaret for the end of the world. 

They're both short so you can get home or get bevvied afterwards - whichever you prefer. All the details are here. See you there?