Thank you Arts Clubbers!

Phew, that was some night.

Massive thanks to everyone who came along and made the second nabokov Arts Club such a kicking party. We hope you all had an amazing time. Huge thanks to all the fantastic acts, and to all our staff who worked their little fingers to the bone to make it happen. We're really grateful to you all.

We'll be posting loads of photos on here and on our Flickr group in the next few days so do check back and see if you can spot yourself doing the robot dance at 1:45am.

You've proved to us that there's an appetite for the Arts Club so we're going to keep doing it. We'll be announcing the next one and putting tickets on sale next week, so pop back to the blog to get the lowdown.

And please keep coming back. We can't make it work unless you keep turning up to create the very special Arts Club atmosphere. We want you to feel like the Arts Club is your night. So please let us know what you think we're getting right, what we can do better, what acts you'd like to see us programme and any other bright ideas. Post a comment on this blog post or email us.

Thanks again Clubbers. You rock.