Hold the front page

You'll have to squint to see it, but here we are on the front page of Third Sector, the UK's foremost trade publication for the, um, third sector.

Nope, we've no idea why either, but accompanying a story about using street theatre for chugging* is a picture of our amazing dancing actors performing Public Displays Of Affection at Latitude.


We also forgot to post a link to a big double page article in The Times featuring our co-artistic director George talking about our work at Latitude and other Festivals. Here it is.

We're working on putting together a proper press section on our website with all our cuttings and reviews and stuff. We'll finish it eventually. Honest.

* Chugging = Charity mugging ie those people who accost you on the street for your debit card details. Don't do it! Give tax-efficiently online through our brilliant friends at Justgiving if you're feeling philanthropic.