An exciting new voice in British Theater...


That'd be our Mike Bartlett as proclaimed by John Heilpern in the New York Observer.

"An extraordinary contribution by the London playwright Mike Bartlett," was John's assesment of Artefacts.

"Ably directed in the round by James Grieve, with an Oriental carpet divided by rivers of dirt for a set, Artefacts is an allegory of emotional yearning and desperation, of colliding blood opposites and shifting moral ground. Mr. Bartlett successfully dares to have one quiet, beguiling scene played entirely in Arabic.

"Artefacts leaves us with the memory of an exciting new voice in British theater, as well as the pleasure of an exhilarating performance from Lizzy Watts, the confident British newcomer. She’s dazzling as the furious brat Kelly, and is the linchpin of this fine, measured production."

And he finishes with a plea:

"Come back soon, Lizzy Watts! And bring Mike Bartlett’s next play with you."

Well, John, we'll see what we can do...

You can read the full review here.