The British Wonder Girl

The wonderous Lizzy Watts    

Under the headline "The British Wonder Girl", Michael Bracken in Metro is the latest New York critic to hail Lizzy's performance in Artefacts.

"The intimate confines of Theater B at 59E59 can barely contain dynamo Lizzy Watts in Mike Bartlett's Artefacts," Bracken begins. "As Kelly...she is a limitless repository of energy, talking a mile a minute as she gads about the room."

He slightly tarnishes his credentials with the frankly ludicrous assertion that a writer "should write about what he knows" (yeah, Shakespeare, you charlatan), but once we'd erased the withering looks from our faces, we were cheered by his final paragraph:

"Meticulously staged in the round by James Grieve, this production uses every inch of its limited playing area to advantage. Fuelled by Watt's breakout performance, it's flawed, but quite formidable."

The flawed but formidable Mr Bracken, we thank you.

You can read the full review here.