"Compelling bullet"


Much high-fiving on both sides of the Atlantic as The New York Times published a rave review of Artefacts this morning.

Jason Zinoman described it as a "compelling bullet of a play" and went on to wax lyrical about the play and the production:

"This is [Mike Bartlett's] second play, and it demonstrates real talent.The dialogue crackles, and the pace gallops. Director James Grieve coaxes sensitive performances from his ensemble...[Peter] Polycarpou maintains a boiling intensity, while the charismatic [Lizzy] Watts precisely maps the emotional and intellectual evolution of Kelly through the way she talks."

You can read the full review here.

Rob Kendt in Time Out was less impressed and thought there was "barely a credible moment". Let's hope he doesn't go and see Wicked on Broadway - that requires some real suspension of disbelief. He still thought Lizzy Watts was "magnetic", though.