Sunday, bloody Sunday

So the Sundays weren't terribly impressed. Not the band, the papers.

Kate Bassett in the Independent on Sunday praised Peter Polycarpou's "touching gravitas" as Ibrahim and conceded the play's "experiments should lead somewhere more interesting soon," but she wished Kelly "would simply shut up", which might not be the bad thing she thought it was.

In The Sunday Times, Christopher Hart, bless him, thought it was "a glum bit of soi-disant backlash theatre," and, "the sort of play that ought to issue its departing audience with little whips, so they can go home and flagellate themselves before bedtime," which made us chuckle.

We always thought Artefacts would divide opinions, and it's been interesting to see who amongst the critical fraternity has praised us for being dramatic, and who has criticised a lack of literalism. And who has complained about didacticism where others have praised political ambiguity.

What's your verdict? Post a comment if you've seen the show, and if you haven't, jump to it!