Really Must See

Daily_telegraph_1_march939_croppedArtefacts was one of Charles Spencer's Must See Theatre Shows in the Daily Telegraph for the second week running on Saturday.

Ordinarily, we'd cut it out, scan it, and post the picture here. But it looks exactly like last Saturday's Must See column, so we thought we'd just post that one again - what with it already being cut out and scanned and all. We prefer 'efficiency' to 'laziness', if you don't mind.

But we diverge. Clearly Artefacts is a must see, so if you haven't seen it yet, you must. It runs for just 14 more performances at The Bush in London until 22 March, after which time, if you've still not seen it, you'll have to catch it in Mold, Scarborough, Bath, Salisbury, Norwich, Colchester or Plymouth.