More Artefacts reviews

A whole host of online reviews popping up in cyberspace. Here's some highlights:

“Mike Bartlett's new play does what the best realistic drama does, addressing large themes through the filter of a believable personal story…Artefacts is a play that may seem slight as you watch it, but that will grow in your memory as you ponder its characters and ideas.”

Gerald Berkowitz - Theatre Guide London

“This touring co-production brings together three potentially powerful forces who should each help to form the voice of British theatre in coming years…Mike Bartlett once again demonstrates that he is a prodigious talent with the ability to portray real people in difficult situations.”
Philip Fisher - British Theatre Guide

“Bartlett is excellent at capturing the visceral and poignant pain of love, relationships, and getting on with life…As an exploration of identity, Artefacts is absorbing, thought-provoking and clearly defined.”
Evie Rackham - Rogues and Vagabonds

Natasha Tripney in MusicOMH also reviewed it but there weren't any highlights because she thought it was rubbish. Though she did raise some interesting points over on her blog.