"Essential viewing"


Another cracking review for Artefacts in Reviews Gate. Timothy Ramsden reckons:

"James Grieve’s production is a well-balanced treasury of detail, with a quintet of outstanding performances. Peter Polycarpou shows passion in moments of certainty and hesitation as Ibrahim holds to his values while charting his way through the complexities of modern Iraq. Mouna Albakry matches a wife’s loyalty with a mother’s desperation, and Amy Hamdoon eventually emerges from near silence to become the final, surprising challenger to Kelly’s assumptions.

Karen Ascoe, in what could be the least developed role, evokes a comparatively relaxed English world. These, with Lizzy Watts’ alert, outstandingly nuanced Kelly, make for a piece well worth beating a way to the Bush to see, and essential viewing in the places fortunate enough to be on the tour-list."

So go ahead and beat a way to the Bush people!

(You don't have to beat if you don't want to. The Hammersmith & City line to Shepherd's Bush / Goldhawk Road will do just as well.)