"You would be hard pressed to find its equal playing in London"

Ft_logo_2Yes, indeed. The Financial Times published its verdict on Artefacts this morning and alongside four shining stars was a wonderful and, if we do say so ourselves, bang-on-the-money critique by Ian Shuttleworth.

Here are the modestly extracted highlights:

"Embarrassment of riches doesn’t begin to cover it ... I cannot recall when last I saw so much, on both narrative and thematic levels, crammed into a one-act 80-minute play without the whole thing bursting messily under the strain ... a powerful central duo in the ever-impressive Peter Polycarpou as Ibrahim and newcomer Lizzy Watts, who puts in a remarkable performance as Kelly ... James Grieve’s production for Nabokov is firmly stamped with the Bush hallmark: “Simple but effective.” And for a play that thoroughly engages on whatever level(s) you choose to approach it and moreover refutes the notion that a full two-act evening is required to give material proper dramatic heft, you would be hard pressed to find its equal playing in London."