Present : Tense / Five


3 June 2007 Trafalgar Studios


The return of the toughest creative challenge in town. A group of playwrights, directors, poets and musicians have just one week to respond to the most important news story of the moment.

Some of the UK's most exciting talent convenes to select the most momentous story on the news agenda. They each have one week to create a piece of work that responds to the topic they choose. As the news changes, they will be forced to adapt their work, until it is performed live in the West End on Sunday 4 March - exactly seven days after they began.

Stop Press: The artists convened on Sunday 27 May to scour the papers. They decided the search for Madeleine McCann was the most significant story on the news agenda. Each artist now has one week to formulate a response to that story in their own medium.

Artists include playwrights Matt Hartley (Winner Royal Exchange Bruntwood Award 2006) and Nick Gill (The Apathists); directors Jamie Harper (Winner of The JMK & Cohen Bursaries 2006), George Perrin (Terre Haute, Trafalgar Studios), Lucy Foster (Improbable Associate Director), and James Grieve (Kitchen, Bedtime for Bastards); Podcaster Sasha Yevtushenko (Kitchen Productions) and comedienne Josie Long (If.Comeddies Best Newcomer 2006).