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Photo: Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi

Photo: Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi

As long as there is a story anything goes.

nabokov celebrates the infinite array of lives and stories of our nation.

Theatre needs urgent change in order to remain relevant and popular and nabokov locate and collaborate with a diverse range of exceptional voices across artforms including music, spoken word and theatre reinventing the theatrical experience so anyone can enjoy live performance and tell stories.

We make exciting, high quality stories accessible, reaching new people and presenting their work in a wide range of environments (music venues, festivals, theatres, community centres, pubs, clubs, parks, anywhere) – creating spaces where we can have a good time and celebrate and share our stories together.

We have a 17-year history of discovering, developing and producing new talent and creating award-winning productions and distinctive theatrical events. Since 2001 nabokov has championed exceptional artists, co-produced with leading companies, toured nationally and internationally and curated pioneering events.

We execute an exciting boundary pushing program of work, collaborating with a diverse range of exceptional talent and voices across artforms to celebrate the infinite array of lives and stories of our nation.

We are an associate company at the ALBANY and are based in the heart of South East London, Deptford.

Artistic Director

Stef O’Driscoll


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Push Things Forward Collective


Three of the UK’s most exciting theatre companies have joined forces to set fire to expectations of what a night at the theatre can be for new audiences.

The Push Things Forward Collective is Middle Child, nabokov and Not Too Tame, three companies who believe that theatre needs urgent change in order to remain relevant and popular.

They are united in a desire to do things differently and find new ways of creating live events that focus on attracting those people who feel alienated by theatre.

They all share in common an interest in using non-traditional spaces and experimenting with form to make work that tells ‘untold’ stories.

The Collective will meet regularly to discuss new forms of theatre and how to identify and develop audiences, as well as support each other’s organisational development.

Middle Child artistic director, Paul Smith, said: “We’re delighted to be working alongside two of the most progressive, forward-thinking companies in the country to create theatre that is a good night out and which appeals to everyone. We look forward to starting fires together.”

nabokov Artistic Director, Stef O’Driscoll, said: “ We are hyped to to be joining forces with these guys to share ideas and resources. Our shared vision of making the arts social brought us together and we are stronger as a consortium challenging and supporting each other to reinvent theatre that reflects the diverse experiences and stories of our time. Exciting times. POW!

Not Too Tame artistic director, Jimmy Fairhurst, said: “These are the kinds of alliances that put fire in the belly and adrenaline in the veins of any artist. We’re proud and excited to partner with companies that understand the importance of hearing the voices of unsung heroes and telling tales that are rarely heard in today’s theatres. Together we can share, learn and create new and vibrant ways to make theatre the first choice for an exhilarating night out!”

To talk to us about the collective feel free to drop Liz a line at liz@nabokov-online.com

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